Many scientific conferences have abbreviations that only insiders understand. For us, too, the abbreviations are often confusing – but only until we have familiarized ourselves with the subject at hand. In the case of the second SciCAR conference in Dortmund back in September 2019, it was the caption which clarified the theme of the conference: WHERE SCIENCE MEETS COMPUTER ASSISTED REPORTING.


About 120 scientists and data journalists exchanged ideas on joint projects and developed new approaches concerning the relation between science and data journalism – SciCAR is a future-oriented conference which fathoms the cooperativeness between scientists, science and data journalists.

The initiators (the Chair of Science Journalism at the TU Dortmund University, the Science Media Center Germany and the Wissenschafts-Pressekonferenz) will again be inviting participants in 2020 to explore the question in how far the use of scientific methods and new ways to access reliable data can help develop relevant journalistic contributions.

Copyright Images: Science Media Center Germany, Lutz Dreesbach